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Hospitals, physicians, and other healthcare providers need to focus on patient care. But if they don’t manage and control revenues and expenses properly, they won’t survive. And that’s where Altum Healthcare Solutions comes in.

Consulting & Complete RCM

Altum provides industry expert hospital consultants with decades of experience to take a new approach to the issues that plague hospitals.

Altum provides resources to identify and correct process gaps, train staff, and develop procedures to address each department.

Solution benefits:

We have the
team and
necessary tools to

transform any

business office.

We have the team and necessary tools to transform any business office.

Eligibility Seconds

Our off-site solution uncovers additional patient coverage often missed by your primary vendor. The result is additional revenue and a significant decrease of uninsured balances sent to collections.

Our Medicaid seconds solution utilizes our processes to identify patient accounts with the highest likelihood for success with Medicaid, Medicare, and charity program enrollment, often increasing patient coverage by an additional 10%.

Solution benefits:

We are
focused on

uncovering every
single dollar

available for our partners.

We have the team and necessary tools to transform any business office.

Insurance Denials

When a claim is denied, timelines are tight to address the reason and submit an appeal. Our hands-on denial solution offers legal and clinical support for both medical and technical denials at each level, providing accurate and timely appeals for your organization.

Altum serves as an extension of our partners’ business. We focus on increasing revenue which enables our partners to serve their community better.

Solution benefits:

We tackle
complex claims,
focusing on

reducing denials and expediting


We tackle complex claims, focusing on  reducing
denials and expediting 

Third-Party Liability

Altum provides an attorney-based model with the perfect mix of technology, which limits your organization’s liability.

We quickly identify accounts, pursue all involved parties, coordinate benefits, file liens, and take all possible legal measures to protect the provider.

Solution benefits:

We’re committed to identifying

all opportunities

for third-party reimbursement.

We’re committed to identifying all opportunities for third-party reimbursement.

Insurance Follow-Up

Claims in need of follow-up activity erode employees’ limited time and revenue for organizations.

Altum provides customized solutions for single payers or date ranges. By proactively and accurately managing these accounts, we reduce staff needs and improve cash flow.

Solution benefits:


is a must to help our

partners maximize reimbursement.

Operational efficiency  is a must to help our partners  maximize reimbursement. 

Workers’ Compensation

Our experienced hospital consultants and legal team work with patients and/or their attorneys to ensure all Workers’ Compensation claims are processed promptly and correctly.

Altum’s manual review ensures that in the event that a claim is controverted or denied, we will file all necessary paperwork to support the provider’s legal interest in the matter.

Solution benefits:

Our proven approach


complex claims
every step of
the process.

Our proven approach simplifies complex claims every step of the process.

Back-End Eligibility Detection (Scrub)

Maximize revenue by utilizing our team to review patient accounts for cases of missing or previously unknown eligibility across Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance.

Our solution is invaluable as it does not derive payment from the hospital or the patient.

Solution benefits:

We turn inaccuracies for errors

into revenue

that would otherwise be lost.

We can turn inaccuracies for errors into revenue that would otherwise be lost.